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Women in Culture and Art:

This journal is a quarterly research that the center for women studies and Researches publishes. It is the first journal which deals with women issues in the fields of culture, art, literature, religion, philosophy, archeology and history.


License holder: The Center for women studies and Researches

Managing Editor: Maliheh Shiani


Maliheh Shiani  (Associate Professor, Tehran University)



Azam Ravadrad (Associate Professor)

Executive manager:

Mansoureh shahriyari  (PHD in Economics)


Persian Editor and Page Designer: Seyyedeh Sara Qurbani Tanha

Publisher: University of Tehran Press and Biding: General office of Research and Publishing Service, University of Tehran.

Editorial Board:

Jalaluddin Rafi Far  (Professor, University of Tehran )

Homeira Zomordi  (Professor, University of Tehran)

Hussein Payende (Professor of Allameh Tabatabai University )

Dr. Azin Movahed  (Associate Professor, University of Tehran)

Shirin Ahmadnia (Associate Professor of Allameh Tabatabai University)

Masoud Hajizadeh Meymandi (Associate Professor, Yazd University)

Seyedeh Razieh Yassini (Associate Professor of Culture, Art and Communication )

Seyedeh Fatemeh Mousavi (Associate Professor of Al-Zahra University)

Abdullah Bichranloo Hassan (Assistant Professor, University of Tehran )

Lisbeth van Zonen (Professor Erasmus Rotterdam of the Netherlands)







Address: Tehran, Keshavarz Boulv. Vesal Shirazi, Dr MohammadAli Eslami Nadoushan Alley ( former Shahed Alley), # 8, Unit # 7 & 9 Eastern, Center for omen Studies and Researches, Postal Cods: 14177753991, P. O. Box: 13145-671

Phone Number: 021-88391980

Fax Number: 021-88974270

Email: Jwica@gmail.com


The journal was recognized as a research journal by the committee of Academic Journals in the Ministry of Sciences, Researches an Technology and can be found on the website of Jihad Scientific Information (http://Jwica.ut.ac.ir) , publications Bank ( www.isc.gov.ir ) , the website of the Sciences of the Islamic world ( www.SID.ir )