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2022/01/03 - introducing the book on women's empowerment 2022/01/03 - introducing the book on women's empowerment


The webinar introducing the book on women's empowerment was held on Monday, January 3, 2022, from 12:30 to 14:00, with the participation of researchers and professors interested in this field. At the beginning of the meeting, the secretary of the meeting, Ms. Zeinab Bayat, a researcher in the field of women and empowerment, introduced Dr. Amir Hossein Zomordian, the author of the book.

The Empowerment book has 9 chapters which are as follows:

The first chapter deals with the introductory description of the concept of empowerment and its basic features.

The second chapter introduces and examines the various dimensions of empowerment by describing the multidimensional characteristics of a capable human-community.

From the third to the eighth chapter, it is dedicated to explaining the most important methods by which empowerment schemes are designed and implemented.

Chapter 9 examines the concept of disempowerment. The need to address this concept is to identify the social, economic and political processes that consciously or unconsciously disable people in society.

Questions and answers were asked at the end.