Seminars Seminars

Details of meetings held:

1- Conference on Women and Research in Cooperation with the Presidential Center for Women and Family Affairs (Fall 2005)

2- Conference on the causes and consequences of increasing the number of girls entering university in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior (June 2007)

3- Women and Legal Challenges, Speaker: Dr. Zahra List from Islamic Azad University, Tehran Branch (2005)

4- Woman and History, Speaker: Dr. Sadegh Ayenehvand from Tarbiat Modares University (2005)

5- Women in the field of art and media in the last three decades, Speaker: Dr. Azam Ravdrad from the University of Tehran (2005)

6- Women in the Struggle between Tradition and Modernity, Speaker: Dr. Hossein Kachoyan from the University of Tehran (2005)

7- Globalization and Development, Speakers: Dr. Bahramitash from McGill University, Canada, Dr. Saeed Reza Ameli from the University of Tehran and Dr. Soheila Sadeghi Fasaei from the University of Tehran (2005)

8- A Study of Different Approaches in Women's Rights, Speaker: Hojjatoleslam Zibaeinejad from Qom Women's Studies and Research Center (2006)

9- The role of men and women in the family from the perspective of law and society, Speaker: Dr. Lamia Rostami from Shahid Beheshti University (2006)

10- Investigating the facilities of working women in Iran, Speaker: Dr. Ali Asghar Saeedi from the University of Tehran (2006)

11- Examining the stereotypes of life: death or life, speaker: Dr. Givian from the Faculty of Radio and Television (2006)

12- Gender and Development, Speakers: Dr. Nasser Karami and Ms. Dr. Roxana Bahramitash (McGill University, Canada), Dr. Zohreh Fani from Shahid Beheshti University and Dr. Maryam Nahavandi from the University of Tehran (2006)

13- The importance of applying qualitative methods in gender studies, Speaker: Dr. Soheila Sadeghi Fasaei from the University of Tehran (2006)

14- Women, Cinema and War, Speakers: Dr. Azam Ravdrad from the University of Tehran, Mr. Massoud Frost, a film critic, and Ms. Shiva Karimi from the Center for Women Studies and Research, University of Tehran (2007)

15- Qualitative Methods in Social Science Research (Case Study of Kurdistan), Speaker: Dr. Maghsoudi from the University of Tehran (2007)

16- Study of Gender Studies in Anthropology, Dr. Narcissians from Tehran University (2007)

17- How to See in Film Criticism, Speaker: Mr. Massoud Frost (2007)

18- Family Marriage and Kinship, Lecturer: Professor Mohini Sethi from Punjab University (2006) 

19- Negotiating Womanhood with Muslim Experience, Lecturer: Dr.Fottini from Greek (2007)