Research delivered in CWS: Research delivered in CWS:

1) Women and gender issues in the 4th Iranian Developmental Plan (2002)

2) Women's social participation (2002)

3) Women's presence in financial markets of banking systems (2002)

4) Persian-speaking women network (2003, with the World Bank)

5) Government's policies and plans to create jobs (2003, with International Labor Organization)

6) Gender aspects of labor market and features of occupation in Iran (2003, with International Labor Organization )

7) Gender aspects of models and characteristics of poverty in Iran (2003, with International Labor Organization)

8) Women empowerment approaches in female-headed households (2004)

9) Women's roles in development of Islamic countries (2003)

10) A gender-oriented study of economic, social and political indicators (2006)

11) A societal study of gender clichés and family construction in Iranian TV series (2006)

12) Gender considerations in Developmental Plans and empowering women (2007, with the World Bank)

13) A study of factors influencing family consolidation (2007, with Iranian Parliament's Research Center)

14) A study of the results of female university establishment, compared to mixed-gender universities (case study: comparative study of female and male professors and students' views in mixed-gender and female universities) (2009)

15) Examining the status of female borderers (case study: Kermanshah Province) (2009)

16) Applied research on academic charters related to women in the field of strategic studies of woman and family (2012)

17) Applied research on producing and compiling the academic contents connected to strategic studies of woman and family (2012)

18) Compilation of 6 strategic reports on woman and family (2012)

19)  Women Social Capital Studies Meta-Analysis Project (2017)

20) Meta-analysis of studies of women heads of households ( 2017)

21) Analysis of the narrative of social exclusion (marginalization) of sleeping women in Tehran ( 2017)

22) "Study of the role of women in resilience in unexpected events, action research on how women and girls in Tehran spend their leisure time" (2020)