Introduction Introduction

The status of women has changed in today's world and many obstacles to women's activities have been removed, hence the presence of women in many different areas such as education and various professions. Men's view and attitude has also changed and they are not against women's presence in the public arena. Despite all these important changes, we still witness profound gender patterns that negatively affect social relations between men and women.

Women's role for example, in many areas such as decision-making. Legislation and implementation of laws has been ignored and these areas are considered men's prerogatives. The center tries to sufficiently deal with questions about the status of women in the society, family and arena and the impact of the relationship between men and women on the society. At the present the center is located in the main campus of Tehran University and is active as an independent and interdisciplinary

Research – teaching center the constitution of the center was signed by the then president of Tehran University, which was initially an agreement between the university and the presidential center for women participation.