List of Books List of Books

Books Published:

1) Liberating Method;  trans. by Dr. Hooshang Nayebi , Tehran , University of Tehran Press , 2006.

2) A Study on Gender Dimension of the Third and Fourth Development Plan and Evaluation of the Implementation of Gender objectives , Dr. Soheila Saadeqi Fasaei , University of Tehran Press, 2008.

3) Gender and Development, Trans. by Dr. Zohreh Fanni , University of Tehran Press , 2008.

4)  Selected Papers of the Third National Conference on Social Injuries of Iran, Spring 2018 (eight volumes); Iranian Sociological Association and Center for Women Studies and Research, University of Tehran; Agah Publications, 2019


Volume One: Injuries to Women and the Family

Volume 2: Urban Damages and Occasional Housing

Volume 3: Injuries to children, adolescents, young people and the elderly

Volume 4: Emerging Family Injuries, Delinquency, Crime

Volume 5: Addiction

Volume 6: Cyber ​​Damages

Volume 7: Economic Damages

Volume 8: Social Issues and Problems


5)  Key Concepts in Gender and Women Studies; Written by Jane Pilcher and Imelda Walhan, Translators: Sedigheh Shakoori Rad and Mohammad Reza Moradi Tadi; Publisher: Research Institute for Cultural and Social Studies in collaboration with the Center for Women's Studies and Research, University of Tehran, 2020