Goals CWS Goals CWS


The objectives of the center:

  • Identifying women's issues in the Iranian society
  • Research in the fields of women and family
  • Helping towards development of science with gender sensitivities
  • Creating co-ordination between decision-making centers in the area of women and the higher education system of the country
  • Studying the status of Iranian women and future developments
  • Strengthening the culture of research in various fields of Women Studies and Publishing the results in order to foster the societies' acknowledge about the issues of women in in Iran and the world.
  • Conducting comparative studies on women and family and the critical study of religious and legal thought
  • Conducting activities in order to promote education on women's issues


The scope of the center

The activities of the center are in three areas of research, teaching and publication. The center conducts research in the areas of women, family at the national and international levels, organizes seminars consists of and conferences, educational workshops, educates M.A. students and publishes academic journals.

The center comprises of six departments: director, teaching, research, publications, relations with Iranian and foreign institutions, and administrative-financial department.

The objectives, policies and general orientation of the Center are laid out by a committee comprising of the president of Tehran University, the director of the Center for Women Studies, the deputy of Teaching and Graduate Studies of Tehran University.

The director of the Center is appointed by the president of the university for three years.

The Teaching scholars:

The members of this department are chosen from the academic staff of University of Tehran and others and have the following specialties: gender sociology, women entrepreneurship, art and culture sociology,, rights of women, methodology, gender social psychology, women history, family sociology, women criminology, and social movements. Meeting of the teaching department are regularly held at the center to make decisions about theses, curriculum and teaching strategies. So far about 45 M.A. students have graduated in women studies.    , there was a 100% increase of students of women Studies, from 6 students to 12.


The Research Committee:

The members of this committee are: the director of the Center, academic staff of the Center, a researcher of the center (with an M.A.), representative of the research deputy of the University, and an academic staff representing different departments of the University. The Activities of this committee are divided in five research groups.

The Center was license-holder of the Quarterly  19 volumes of which were published until the fall if 2008. This journal was published in accordance with the constitution of research publications of the Ministry of Science, Researches and Technology. If acquired many awards at the level of the University and the Ministry. For example, according to the regional information Center of the Ministry of sciences in 2006 it acquired the first rank and in 2007 the second rank among the research publications of the University. Given the high ranking of the "Women Research" among the publications on the field of women studies and in accordance to the policies of the Ministry of Sciences which emphasized specialization of publications, the "Women Research" was replaced by two biquarterly research journals entitled "Women in Development and Politics" and "Women in Culture and Art".

Recently, with the agreement of the president of Tehran University another scientific research journal is being published in English of which two volumes are out so far.