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2022/01/19 - Gender in the Quran 2022/01/19 - Gender in the Quran


Report of the workshop "Gender in the Quran" Scientific secretary of the meeting: Dr. Sedigheh Shakoori Rad

This workshop was organized by the Scientific Department of Religious and Legal Studies of the Center for Women and Family Studies of the University of Tehran to introduce this group to the interested community. This meeting was held virtually, freely and free of charge in three sessions on January 19, March 2 and March 9, 2022. The lecturer was Dr. Shahriyar Niazi, an associate professor at the University of Tehran. Due to his expertise in linguistics and Arabic, he discussed the topic of "gender in the Qur'an" .

In the first session, as a prelude to the discussion, after a brief introduction of social linguistics and its various branches, he referred to the branch of gender linguistics. They also pointed out the necessity and importance of gender linguistics in its fields of study.

Then, by separating the natural, grammatical, and social dimensions of gender, they referred to Robin Lakoff (Linguistics, whose book is the beginning of further studies in the field of gender linguistics).