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2021/12/20 - literacy parenting role webinar 2021/12/20 - literacy parenting role webinar


اMohammad Ali Abdollahi introduced, analyzed and examined the effects of computer games in a webinar organized by the Media and Culture Group of the Association for the Promotion of a Culture of Social Responsibility and with the participation of the Center for Women Studies and Research, University of Tehran on December 20, 2021. He examined computer games in terms of structure and cultural perspective and said: "Factors such as the desire of children and adolescents to accelerate and progressive excitement in the text of these games as well as their historical and cultural educational structure are among the reasons that children and "It leads teenagers and young adults to computer or Internet games. Examining popular games and trends in the computer world today reveals profound historical narratives from ancient times to modern times." The researcher of computer games considered the speed of children and adolescents joining gaming networks, especially earlier than parents, as remarkable, as well as the amazing abilities of children today in communicating with various electronic programs, and stated that "it is necessary for parents "While trying to increase their media literacy, they should also avoid pessimistic and imaginary hostility towards games."


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