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2021/11/03 - Moliere, Woman, Society 2021/11/03 - Moliere, Woman, Society


Center for Women Studies and Research, University of Tehran and a webinar entitled "Moliere, Woman, Society" with a lecture by Dr. Maryam Ghasemi Darian - Faculty Member of the Department of French Language and Literature, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Tehran - and Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Fatorehchi - Director of the Media New and Family Homes Center for Women Studies and Research, University of Tehran - held on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.


At the beginning of the meeting, the secretary of the meeting (Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Fatorehchi) in an introduction, mentioned the unique work of "Women Scientists" by Moliere, which was written in 5 scenes in the form of poetry, as one of the most popular comedies of this writer and poet. This work was first shown in 1965 in Paris. Then the speaker of this webinar (Dr. Maryam Ghasemi) after introducing Molière's works stated that she has criticized and analyzed the issues of women and society with a sociological and anthropological approach. "In women scientists, Moliere has criticized and ridiculed all sections of society and paid special attention to the bourgeoisie and the loves of the time," she said. Dr. Ghasemi stated that Moliere portrayed women as free. The faculty member of the University of Tehran also added: "One of the characteristics of Molière's works is the creation of characters from women who lived in seventeenth-century French society." "Moliere's plays, while seemingly ridiculous, express deep and painful truths in human life," he said.