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2021/01/27 - Online radio programming workshop 2021/01/27 - Online radio programming workshop


The Center for Women's Studies and Research, University of Tehran, on February 27, 2021, from 12:00 to 13:30, held an online workshop entitled "Radio Programming" by "Dr. Masoumeh Ismailnejad" - a radio producer and media lecturer.




The following thematic axes were presented: 1. General and introductory information about sound, uses of sound, definitions, etc. 2. Different jobs in radio and using their capabilities in the content production process (with the participation of learners) 3. Music, its types, application of different music in radio, 4. Features text and text audio content, 5. Find the topic and turn it into a programming plan.
Then in the second round, which was held on February 20 Each session lasted about 15 minutes with adobe audition software. Also, the types of programming templates and completing the program plan were explained and the following exercises were performed with the participation of learners:
- Coordinate ideas with programming templates and select the appropriate template -Complete the program plan and write the audio program from the beginning to the end, - Practice recording and editing programs in Adobe
Finally, in the third workshop, which was held on February 27, each of the participants selected and designed two programming formats, and after learning how to record audio materials, they learned how to prepare and compile a program.