Profile of Women in Development and Politics Profile of Women in Development and Politics

- Women in Development and Politics:

This is a quarterly research journal that the center published. It is the first academic journal focused on women issues which discusses social, behavioral, economic and political issues of Iranian women.


License holder: the Center for Women Studies and Researches

Manager: Maliheh Shiani


Editor-in-chief  : Fazileh Dadvarkhani

Executive manager: Atieh Honardoost

Persian Editor and page designer: Seyyedeh Sara QurbaniTanha

Publisher: University of Tehran

General office of Research and publishing service University of Tehran


Maliheh Shiani  (Associate Professor, Tehran University)


Editorial board:

maryam ghazinejad (Associate Professor of Al-Zahra University)

Homeyra Moshirzadeh (Associate Professor of Tehran University)

Saeideh Lotfian (Professor of Tehran University)

Maryam Rafat Jah  (Associate Professor of Tehran University)

Marzieh Mousavi Khameneh (Associate Professor of Tehran University)

Asad Allah Naghdi (Associate of Professor of Tehran University)

Mohammad Sheykhi (Associate professor of Tehran university)

Acting Editor:

Atieh Honardoust  (PHD in Economics)




Tehran, Keshavarz Boulv. Vesal Shirazi, Dr MohammadAli Eslami Nadoushan Alley ( former Shahed Alley), # 8, Unit # 7 & 9 Eastern, Center for omen Studies and Researches, Postal Cods: 14177753991, P. O. Box: 13145-671

Phone Number: 021 – 88391566

Fax Number: 021 – 88974270

Email: Journal.CWS@gmail .com


The Journal of women Research has been recognized as a research journal by the committee of academic (scientific) journal in the Ministry of sciences, Researches and Technology. The Journal of women in Development and Politics which is part of the former women Research quarterly has also been recognized as a research journal by the same committee.

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