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2021/08/16 - Ten and forty-one online movies 2021/08/16 - Ten and forty-one online movies



The Women and Children Group of the Association for the Promotion of a Culture of Social Responsibility in collaboration with the Center for Women Studies and Research of the University of Tehran held: Ten and forty-one online films The director of "Ten Forty-One", Raiheh Mozaffarian, answered the question of how Article 1041 of the Civil Code has changed during 80 years. In this work, judicial documents related to early marriage have been published for 110 years and an attempt has been made to address this issue with the presence of experts such as Dr. Jalal Jalalizadeh, Hojjatoleslam Hosseini Amin, Tayebeh Siavashi, Dr. Ahdieh Asadpour and lawyers Hadi Ahmadi and Majid Nikouei. To be measured.



Since the subject of the film deals with the historical course of Article 1041 and the legal gaps of this article regarding the child of a spouse, the participants offered their views after watching the film. In this work, this social researcher examines judicial documents related to early marriage from 110 years ago and tries to clarify whether the lack of a permanent consensus of legislators on marriage at a certain age or the lack of a minimum age for marriage, the number of lower marriages It has increased from 15 years in Iran to 40,000 cases per year. The film seeks to explore the jurisprudential reasons for raising the minimum age for marriage from 90 years ago to the present.